Sunday, January 23, 2011

In the Bleak Midwinter

Winter is only one month old, and it has been a cold long winter.  This morning, again, I stepped outside and my breath immediately froze in my nostrils and I just wanted to go back to bed and not get out again.

Don't get me wrong, I actually like winter; crisp dry air, the crunch of the snow underfoot, the precious winter sunshine.  And as winters go, this one has been pretty middle-of-the-road, neither too much nor too little snow, a week of above average temperatures followed by a week of below, not too windy.  So I'm not really sure why I've been feeling so down in the dumps, but I am.  Heavy, lethargic, sad, stressed, tired.  Not usually adjectives I use to describe myself, but there they are.

I'm not sure what to do to break this mood, besides wait it out, but I wondered WWYHD? (what would the yarn harlot do?)  and realized I knew the answer to that, she'd look at pretty yarn.  So here is a gratuitious pretty yarn picture.  Better, right?

There have been little pleasures to break up the bleakness.  Thursday morning I spent about an hour knitting at the Wildlife Sanctuary watching 2 bald eagles circling over the lagoon while snow flurries gently swirled around.  But the -8 air temperature kept me firmly planted in the car, when I would like to have walked down to the dock for a closer look.

Mom and I went to a wonderful concert on Friday night, an acapella choral group called Seraphic Fire.  They sang an amazing assortment, from medieval byzantian pieces (right up my alley) to modern compilations of traditional spirituals, such as "In the Sweet By And By".  I frequently forgot that it was acapella; the human voice is as powerful an instrument as any brass or woodwind.  Quite beautiful and uplifting; the music fed a part of me that has been hungry for a while, but is quiet and easily ignored.

As a knitter, this weather is presenting a lovely opportunity to show off my favorite creations.  Friday night's concert saw me clad in:

 my cashmere & silk Swan Lake Wimple Ravelry Link,

my Time Turner Shawl:

and my favorite sock yarn mittens.

Today in Rainy's Life:
 On the needles:

Cindy's mara continues on apace.  It is taking much longer now, with 500 stitches to the row.  Triangular shawls are like that, such great progress initially when there are so few stitches per row, then creaking, lumberous progress as you near the end and the current row is 100x the length of the first row.

It is now about 16" along the spine. Another 2.5 inches of ruffle and then it will be ready for blocking.

Also on the needles are a pair of fair isle test mittens, that I will be blogging about when the test is complete.

On the Nook:  Jane Eyre, one of my very favorites.  One does want to smack Mr. Rochester at times, but the dialog is so good.

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