Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nature Stories

Homo Sapien cub = cute

Tanzanian Leopard cub = cute

Homo Sapien/Leopard hybrid cub = omg cute

Pattern:  Teddy All-In-One from Debbie Bliss Nursery Knits  Ravelry Pattern Link

Ravelry Project Link  I made the 6 month old size, however, it is being worn by a 4 month old cub and it looks like one of us got our sizes wrong.

I blame the baby.

Okay, okay, I give up.  Since it is impossible to measure gauge on garter stitch, it just might be my fault.  Happy now, kid?

Like many predators, when cornered, the homo sapien/leopard hybrid will stretch to its fullest extent to appear bigger than it is and fool the prey into submission, like so:
Tricksy tricksy!
If that fails, it will snarl and bare its teeth in a further act of intimidation:
Assuming, of course, it has any teeth to bare...

Otherwise, it will just smile and look adorable to evoke in its prey the desire to pick it up, cuddle it, and take it home to rear as its own young.  This is perhaps its most impressive power and few humans can resist it.

Congratulations, Ian and Marta!