Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Reality vs Real Reality

I like to think of myself as a rational, realistic person.  Sadly, I have recently had to confront the fact that my version of reality often does not match real reality.  It is a bitter bitter truth that I was confronted with during my recent vacation from work.  My reality says that when I have 6 days off from work I can accomplish massive amounts of fun things that I normally don't have time for.  Case in point:

#1 - Fantasy:  if I'm off work, I can do blog posts every day!  Reality:  my first March blog post is the 26th.  Gads.

#2 - Fantasy:  I am absolutely committed to finishing my February Lady Sweater during my vacation!  All I have left is the two sleeves and they are only 3/4 length.  Easy Peasy!  I'll just consider it a "test knit" with a March 12th deadline and get right on it.  

This one has two odd thought patterns in it, the first is easy to spot, that I thought I would finish the sweater by March 12th.  Observe Reality as shown in a March 26 photo:

Project link: "Visualize Whirled Peas" February Lady Sweater
Pattern link:  non-Ravelry Pattern Link 
Knit in Misti Alpaca  50/50 Merino wool/alpaca  100% sheer heaven   colorway: Muir Woods

Please note that one and about a quarter sleeves are done, but that's probably more than you were expecting to see.  <sigh>  (and trust me, it will look better after it is blocked!)

The second fallacy is harder to spot, but it is in the pledge to consider this my own personal test knit, thereby implying that I won't be distracted by someone else's test.  Yeah, right.  But on the plus side, Bob has a lovely new sock.  (As I told my boss the other day when he suggested that perhaps I had a knitting problem, "I don't have a problem, I HAVE a sock." )  Unfortunately, I don't appear to have a picture of the sock available at the moment, but here's a link.  Louche Sock  It was a very fun pattern to knit and I'm looking forward to knitting the second one.  The socks are mirror images of each other, so I will have to bend my mind around the pattern being backwards. 

Bob is also looking forward to the second sock, so he can wear a pair instead of gazing admiringly at a single sock.

The next fantasy didn't happen during my vacation, but it shows what a slow learner I am.

Fantasy #3:  "snow day" means a lovely day sipping tea and knitting while watching lazy flakes fall outside the window.  Reality:  March 23rd - 17.8" of snow = 3.5 hours with a chain saw and a snow blower followed by a nap because we were too exhausted to stay awake after clearing both driveways.  Amazingly, the snow plows had already been by when we went out to clear.  During the day (after the photos) we got an additional 4 inches of snow but no additional branches fell.  We lost 1 very large branch (8-9" diameter), 1 medium branch (4" diameter that was totally hidden in the snow till I hit it with the snow blower), and 2 smaller diameter branches.  Fortunately, when Bob got home from work during the storm he put the car in the garage so the branches didn't hit it on the way down.

Happy Birthday, Mom.  Hope you had snow on your birthday list, cause that's what you got!


This is my favorite picture of the storm, a 9 inch cap of snow sticking straight out from a Christmas light.  It gives a great idea of how wet and heavy the snow was.  Amazing defiance of gravity.

Happy spring!

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