Sunday, September 25, 2011


Something happened here about a week ago.  Suddenly the days became drier and cooler, the sky turned that incredible shade of blue, the sunsets became earlier, more abrupt, but also more vivid and vibrant, the nights requested a blanket, the knitted garments came out to play, and the air filled with a different palette of colors and scents.  Pumpkins appeared for sale outside supermarkets, gas stations, and yes, even Home Depot.  

I love Fall; it might just be my favorite season.  I say "might" because every Spring I decide that is my favorite season,  until Fall comes along and I change my mind again.

That seems fitting, somehow, since Fall to me is all about balance.  The autumnal equinox, which occurred on Friday, was the day when Earth's axis was tilted neither towards nor away from the Sun, giving us all an almost perfect balance of light and dark.  

So this Fall season, as we celebrate the bountiful goodness of the harvest and the return of excellent knitting weather, my goal is to notice the balance without and work on achieving and maintaining balance within.  For example, instead of complaining about the colder longer nights, I'll remember that the best fleeces grow on sheep in colder, darker climates, not on Hawaii.

But where, you ask, is the balance to offset all the wonderful things about Fall that I listed in the first paragraph?  Ah, I was hoping to not have to mention this yet, but I guess this is the right time.  There are only 90 knitting days left until Christmas.  No pressure.  

And now, I present for your enjoyment a definitive sign that Fall has arrived at our house.

Cold Noel kitty and cold Bob trying to stay warm together in the computer room because mean Rainy won't turn the heat on in September.

Noel insists I also include this picture, which did not make quite make it into yesterdays post:

Don't worry, no Mountain Colors CrazyFoot sock yarn (90% superwash Merino wool, 10% nylon, colorway Osprey) was harmed in the making of this photo.

Happy Fall.

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