Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nerd Alert!

If you read the Nerd Alert! title and immediately thought "Danger!  Danger, Will Robinson!", then this post is for you!

Three days after my last post, I stumbled across a wonderful Ravelry group called Nerd Wars.  It is a series of knitting tournaments that appeal to your inner geek.  Since nerds come in all flavors, Nerd Wars participants break into teams according to their preferred nerdom and then the teams compete against each other to complete knitting challenges.  (Okay, 1/3 of the readers just ran screaming from the room and another 1/3rd just said "whoa, cool!)

Since I heard about it several hours before the sign-ups ended for the three month tournament beginning October 1, I had to make a quick decision.  One the one hand, it sounded like a hoot!  On the other hand, did I really need MORE time pressures and commitments?  On the third hand ...  Since I immediately started to think of races of beings with more than 2 hands to justify my reference to the "third hand", I realized that nerds who knit truly were "my people" and knew the decision was made.  It also helped that the sentence ended "on the third hand, I don't really need to come up with extra projects, I can mostly knit what I was going to anyway and just find a tie in to my group and it will actually motivate me to knit faster and start the christmas knitting earlier."

So the decision made, I started the sign up process.  All went smoothly until I needed to pick my top three team choices.  The teams cover a huge variety of nerd genres, things like anime, computer games, vampires, zombies, Dr Who, Star Trek, forensic TV shows, firefly ...  My first choice was simple -- Dumbledore's Army (Harry Potter nerds), I know those books backwards and forewards and tying a project in to that genre would be so easy - anything red, gold, blue, silver, green, white, or yellow could be "house colors" as a start.  And, to be honest, the idea of being in Dumbledore's Army set my inner nerd all atwitter :)

Second choice was almost as easy, Team Precious, the Lord of the Rings nerd group, was just up my alley.  While it has been a while since I read the books, I remember enough to get by and, frankly, if it looks "elvish", I probably already want to knit it, so that's no hardship there.

Third choice was tough!  We were out of my easy comfort zone and mostly into things that I either had no interest in (sorry, Mom, I've tried to like Anime, but I spend way too much time saying "well that made no sense", and how could I join the forensic TV show group when I don't watch television?  Honestly, only 1 other team had any interest to me - Team Rangers, the Babylon 5 nerd group.  Now I loved Babylon 5 - in 1994 through 1998 though!  I hadn't seen it in 13 years and hadn't thought about it in close to that long.  How could I do team tie-ins with a show I didn't remember?  Turns out, I could and did :)

Ranger Rainy, reporting to duty, Entil'Zha!

Tomorrow, we return to KNITTING, when I will share the 1000 yards of knitting completed for round 1 of Nerd Wars Tournament 3.

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