Saturday, September 17, 2011

Zombies Ate My Brain!

Well, no, not really, but that sounds a lot better than any of the other excuses I have for my absence, most of which involve a computer in the shop for a week, no DSL for three weeks, and a new iPhone that I haven't learned to post from.  And technically, if you consider how much time I have spent playing Plants vs Zombies on the above mentioned iPhone since we last chatted, you could say that the title is accurate.  But this isn't why you're here, is it?

This is:

Merope Shawl from Romi's 7 Small Shawls Year One: The Pleiades in Dream in Color Starry, colorway: Cloud Jungle.    The color looks odd  in that picture but if you tip your head to the side and squint a little, you can see the lovely silver threads that run through the yarn, making the shawl all glittery.  

This picture of the work in progress, is more color accurate:

Merope is also my first beaded shawl, as this close-up shows:

My adventures in beading will be covered in their own spellbinding post.  Soon. I promise.  No, really.  Whatever!

The only thing harder than getting a good photo of this yarn is getting a good photo of the BEADS on this yarn.  Trust me, it is really pretty.  Subtle color tones + sparkly yarn and beads = a shawl I love to wear.

And, just because she can, Romi also threw into the ebook a little matching cowl pattern so we could have christmas gifts for people who don't love shawls (they exist! I know, that's what I said!  Shocker!).  So I introduce for your viewing pleasure, Merope's Cowl,  I love the way she segued from one Merope motif to the next with a little Asterope  thrown in for fun.

I knit this with ArtYarn Glitter 100% cashmere plus silver thread (don't get me started on how it can be 100% something plus something else).  My first time using 100% cashmere.  Must.Do.It.Again.  (BTW, this marvelous christmas gift does not have an intended recipient yet.  If you are related to me or a friend on my gift list and want this warm and incredibly soft cowl, tell me.  Consider it your reward for letting me know you actually read my blog!  If you want it but need a different color, let me know that too, I'd love to make this pattern again, it is that awesome to knit).

As you've probably figured out if you are still reading this, I have developed a massive crush on Rosemary Hill's designs (you can find her at, a non-Ravelry address for a change).  I love her Seven Small Shawls Year One: the Pleiades and have been busy acquiring yarn to make at least 4 more of these, Maia, Asterope, Celeano, and Alcyone.  I also subscribed to her second e-book, Seven Small Shawls Year Two: the Muses.  She just released the first Muse, Kleio (the muse of History) so we have 6 more to look forward to in 2011.  

I have another fabulous Romi shawl on the needles now, Live Oak Shawlette.  No pics yet, I'm only on the second row of the lace so it doesn't look like anything yet.  I am just enchanted by the little oak leaves that make up the border.  So autumnal!

For you Ravelers, after checking out Romi's designs and falling in love, come join us in the @ Romi's Studio group.  It is filled with some of the nicest, most encouraging, and most fun people I've ever met.  I am honored that they let me hang out with them.

You may have noticed that my Merope's Shawl is actually called Psyche's Shawl.  This is in honor of our kitty, Psyche, who passed away on June 4th.   We miss you, Princess.

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Lindsey said...

Glad you are back to blogging - I was wondering what happened! Well, I haven't been knitting much. It seems that the summer got away from me with gardening and now all my time is taken up with puppy duty! Hopefully the winter days will provide some free time to start a new project :)