Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Night Before Christmas

Christmas came and went in a blur of relatives and merriment and I think it was one of the best I can remember. 

The weather cooperated astonishingly well, allowing for clear weather drives from and back to NYC and New Orleans, the only hiccup being a 4.5 hour delay in O'Hare for my sister and her kids.  We all enjoyed the irony of Dad coming all the way to Wisconsin for a white Christmas, only to have a blizzard hit NYC while he was here.

One of the neighborhoods near here lines the streets with luminaries (lit candles in white paper bags) on Christmas Eve, and Bob and I always look forward to driving slowly up and down the streets admiring the glow of the luminaries and the christmas lights.  This has been our tradition for about the last 8 years and always seemed the perfect way to start the holiday. 

Unfortunately, we have noticed less and less houses putting out luminaries in recent years and this year they were scarce indeed, with only a few streets upholding the tradition.

I hope it was just a sign of the bad economy and next year will see the return of the luminaries.  I am thinking of suggesting to our neighborhood association that we start something similar.  We'll see.

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