Saturday, December 18, 2010

Twas a Week Before Christmas ...

Yes, one week from today is Christmas.  The tree is up (for less than 12 hours) but undecorated, the presents are "mostly" knit (it is like "mostly dead" only no one gives you chocolate for it) but none are wrapped.  The house is ... well, in its normal condition of controlled horror. I may be a lousy housekeeper, but at least I'm also honest!

So why am I here at the keys and not cleaning, decorating, or wrapping (or even knitting, seeing as the knitting is only "mostly" done)?  Okay, that was really a silly question and not at all worth answering.  I think the more pressing question is this: honestly, does the world really need another knitting blog?

That is the question that has plagued me for the last few months while the voices in my head have argued away.  Yes, I sometimes hear voices.  Okay, frequently.  But they don't tell me to kill people; in fact, they usually just tell me to knit more, so they are fine, really.  In fact, I usually can identify the voices, like now.  

"Blogging is stupid!  Why would you want to do that?"  um, yup, that would be Mom's voice.

"Go for it, hun, if you want to.  I'm sure you'd be great"  yup, that would be my dear husband (isn't he great?)

"Yes, you know you want to, but would your blog be any good?  Frankly, would anyone want to read anything you have to say about anything, including knitting?"  yeah, that would be mine, supportive, huh?

So today I finally answered the question, and my answer is this.  No.  The world probably doesn't need another knitting blog.  But that is irrelevant, because I do.  And if some day someone else reads this blog and it makes sense to them and touches their life in some good way, then I'll be thrilled to death.  But until then, typing to myself as a way to explore and understand my life more clearly isn't a bad thing either.  

And I promise one thing:  tomorrow I will learn how to post pictures :D 

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